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BF Goodrich MUD TERRAIN KM3 30X10-15

Adapted from race-proven technology designed for the Baja 1000-winning Mud-Terrain T/A® KM3 and Baja T/A ® KR2 BUILT WITH STEEL-BELTED RADIAL CONSTRUCTION-For increased durability and optimal ride quality ENGINEERED TO BALANCE MAXIMUM TOUGHNESS WITH MINIMAL WEIGHT-For more comfort and handling performance TRACTION-ARMOR SIDEWALL SCULPTURE-Designed to boost traction capabilities in mud and soft soil thanks to a notched shoulder design TERRAIN-ATTACK TREAD DESIGN-Tread blocks are designed to deliver incredible grip from any angle of approach MUD-PHOBIC BARS-Created to release compacted mud for enhanced traction in muddy and soft soil conditions LINEAR FLEX ZONES-Built to allow the tire to flex and envelop objects in aired-down situations THICK, EXTENDED SHOULDER RUBBER- Helps protect the critical sidewall failure zone TOUGH SIDEWALL RUBBER-Helps resist splitting and bruising
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