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Carlisle's best-selling ATV/UTV tire, the Farm Specialist R-1 is an all-purpose tractor tire specially designed for superior traction and lateral stability. It features a unique multi-angle long bar design which allows you to maintain traction and stability on the most challenging surfaces. Applicable for a variety of soil conditions, the Carlisle Farm Specialist R-1™s extra reinforced tread lugs and overlapping center tread lugs deliver strength and power so you can go through wet and dry soil. This versatile tire ensures that your performance isn™t compromised even as you use it on different applications such as agriculture and construction. No need to worry about damage as this tire is designed for withstanding wear. Not only that but it also provides comfort so you don™t have to feel worn down even after driving the whole day. Carlisle Tire is best known for producing the best ATV tires in the united states. Founded in 1917 AT Carlisle, PA by Charles Moomy, the company has become one of the most well-known tire manufacturers for their dedication to building long-lasting high quality tires.

  • Features & Benefits Superior traction that allows you to use the tire on several surfaces and applications
  • Its versatile nature allows you to use it in various ways without worry about premature wear
  • Comfortable to drive in so you can work in peace
  • Long-bar tread design for traction and stability
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