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Michelin's best-selling off-road tire, the Starcross 5 Mini brings the performance of the StarCross 5 tire to world of 10-, 12- and 14-inch wheeled machines. Suited best to hard soil or mixed conditions, the StarCross 5 Mini Tires are a solid match to a very broad range of terrain. The StarCross 5 Mini Tires provide grip and feel to riders on trails and MX tracks alike. Staggered intermediate tread blocks create communicative handling and traction at all degrees of lean angle.

  • High-performance motocross tires for mixed to hard terrain for minibikes
  • High performance for a broad range of conditions and terrain - Designed to deliver high levels of performance across the broadest range of conditions and terrain found in motocross and off-road riding.
  • Versitile all-day performance - The tire’s versatility allows riders to enjoy optimized performance in conditions and terrain that can often change over the course of a day.
  • Traction at all lean angles - The intermediate tread blocks are positioned in staggered rows to maximize traction and feedback throughout varying lean angles.
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