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Pirelli's best-selling off-road tire, the Scorpion Rally STR is yet another innovation in the ADV tire segment, offering riders excellent grip in all conditions and a long lasting compound that is ready to go the distance. The Rally STR features a road derived profile and a silirich compound that works well on the pavement, even in wet or cold conditions. This profile and compound, combined with a unique knob design, results in a large & consistent contact patch that delivers serious canyon carving performance and works well with sophisticated rider aids, like cornering ABS and traction control. When your adventure takes you off the tarmac, the aggressive knobby design, inspired by the venerable Scorpion Rally Tires, begins to shine - making quick work of gravel, sand or dirt.

  • A compound high in silica content that provides excellent grip in any conditions of use and high mileage.
  • Street type profiles and structure to guarantee top notch handling on the road.
  • An innovative tread pattern to provide both traction on dirt roads and stability on asphalt.
  • D.O.T. Approved
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