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Michelin's best-selling street tire, the City Pro has even more improvement over the Michelin M35 tire, a new rubber compound, meaning that the City Pro's useful life is now 10% longer than its main competitor. Their average lifespan is around 30,000 kms at the front and 20,000 kms at the back. Thanks to MICHELIN OVERLAP TECHNOLOGY (MOT), it is unlikely that these tires will get a puncture. Because of their central groove, wheat-ear pattern and variable tread depth depending on the angle of the motorcycle (30% in the center and up to 35% on the shoulders), City Pro tires now displace water even more effectively.

  • Added resistance to punctures thanks to its three reinforced plies
  • Outstanding mileage—great durability and long tread-life
  • Assured grip - even on wet surfaces, thanks to the tread pattern, profile and grooving